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A visit to Buxton in September 2007 allowed some exploration of the Carboniferous Limestone in the area together with visits to both Poole's Cavern (near Buxton) and the Treak Cliff Cavern (near Castleton).  A walk through Dove Dale and Millers's Dale revealed many limestone formations whilst the caverns revealed the typical stalactites and stalagmites of limestone caves.  Treak Cliff Cavern is noted for the fluorite Blue John (CaF2)  which is still mined for jewellery and sold in local shops. A particulary large and fine vase made from Blue John can be seen at Chatsworth House. Buxton is famous for its warm mineral spring which was known since Roman times and led to the development of the town with the mineral baths etc. The Roman spa and settlement, Aquae Arnemetiae developed around the thermal springs which, at source, have a constant temperature of 27.5°C.