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Throughout his career in the Water Industry John Flude has inspected the condition of various underground pipe tunnels and Chalk adit systems.  A selection of photographs taken during these inspections is given below.  The pipe tunnel, at Aldershot, was used historically to connect boreholes to the below ground pumping system for public supply.  The tunnels were inspected and then, at a later date, sealed to allow for site redevelopment.  Numerous Chalk adits (or headings) exist in the Chalk of the South Downs.  This was the historical method of deriving a water supply from the Chalk aquifer.  Shafts were sunk and connected by a tunnel to collect up the fissure flows for potable use.  Several inspections have been made over the years and the pictures below give examples of some of them.

Latterly a remotely operated vehicle was utilised for flooded adit inspection which included CCTV, sonar for adit dimension gathering and a gyro-compass for direction.