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From April 1998   

In private practice as Consultant Water Engineer & Hydrogeologist

The Consultancy operated as a 'sole trader' until it was incorporated as John Flude Limited on 20 May 2003.

Due to rising administration costs John Flude Limited was closed 31 March 2010.

John Flude has now retired.


1990 - 1998

With Dynamco Ltd

(part of SAUR Water Services - [Société d’Aménagement Urbain et Rural])

Senior Engineer & Hydrogeologist responsible for the Resources Team and all hydrogeological investigations and ground water studies.

Responsible for the Resources and Hydraulic Analysis teams with the assistance of two Team Leaders.

Co-ordination of a team of engineers carrying out engineering appraisals for the Asset Management and Strategic Business Plans of the SAUR Group Water Supply Companies.

Hydrogeological investigations in the Hastings Beds, Greensands, Chalk and River Gravels.

Distribution modelling using WATNET and GINAS software.

Preparation of Mains Renewal and Renovation Strategy for water companies within the SAUR Group.

Appointed Water Companies' Association DoE Contact re EC Groundwater Directive and other groundwater matters - May 1992-March 1998.

Presentation of a Poster Paper entitled "Eastbourne Water's Waterworks Source" at the Institution of Civil Engineers Conference 'Groundwater Problems in Urban Areas' London, June 1993.


1965 - 1990

With Eastbourne Water Company

1984 - 1990

Resident Engineer on site (with delegated powers) for Hazards Green Water Treatment Works Extension.

Resident Engineer on site (with delegated powers) for five river augmentation sites for the Wallers Haven Scheme.

Resident Engineer on site for bank stabilisation at the Arlington Reservoir and remedial works and re-roofing of a service reservoir.

1977 - 1983

Hydrogeological studies in connection with the water resources of the Eastbourne and Seaford Chalk Blocks and the Hastings Beds.

Project Engineer for the contract preparation, administration and supervision of the drilling of 26 boreholes in Ashdown Beds strata.

Geological assessment and analysis of test pumping results.

Use of NETMODS and WATNET (Batch) for analysis of water supply systems.

1971 - 1976

Project Engineer on various water supply contracts. 

1968 - 1971

Full time at Brighton Polytechnic (now University of Brighton) studying for a BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering Degree sponsored by Eastbourne Water Company.

1965 - 1968

Engineering Assistant engaged on general engineering work.


1961 - 1965

With Civil Service (Meteorological Office)

Scientific Assistant at London (Gatwick) and London (Heathrow) Airports.


Meteorological interests

Maintenance of an ‘amateur’ climatological station for 50 years.

NRA / EA rainfall station maintained at Polegate / Willingdon for 30 years.