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Name of person: John FLUDE
Nationality: British
Year of birth: 1944
Profession: Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Geologist
Specialisation: Management, administration and appraisal of water supply projects and hydrogeological investigations




John Flude Ltd was closed 31 March 2010 when John Flude retired.


Private Client - Borehole Prognosis Report and advice re site on Tunbridge Wells Sand strata near Mayfield, East Sussex.
Local County Court - Preparation of Single Joint Expert Report for two instructing solicitors.


ROK - Further assistance with the interpretation of a remotely controlled adit inspection in the Upper Greensand strata at Bedfordwell / Waterworks Road, Eastbourne pumping station.
Wandsworth Council - Investigation of low flows from Battersea Park borehole and the production of a comprehensive report on changing water levels and chalk abstraction totals in this area of London.
Private Client - Hydrogeological report for proposed borehole in Tunbridge Wells Sand strata.
ROK - Assistance with drainage investigation of historical drainage runs at Bedfordwell Depot, Eastbourne.
Private Client - Discussion with Southern Water re Estate Sewerage System and difficulties after heavy rain and problems with an anti-flood device.


G Stow / South East Water - Assistance with the interpretation of Chalk and Upper Greensand adit inspections using a remotely operated vehicle.
Private Client - Explanation of the hydrogeology of the Lewes area in East Sussex.
Private Client - Investigation into the hydrogeology of the area used for the effluent disposal of a trade sewage treatment unit.
Private Client - Continuation of spring monitoring on a large private estate to include spring flows and water quality.
Private Client - Discussion with Southern Water re Estate Sewerage System and difficulties after heavy rain.
Ham Manor Golf Club - Further hydrogeological advice re green drainage
Jacobs - Assistance re location and operation of Pembury Springs for South East Water. 


Private Client - Water Features Survey and spring monitoring on a large private estate to include spring flows and water quality.
Numerous private clients - Advice in relation to existing wells and hydrogeological investigations.
Private Client - Assistance with a Planning Application re a new borehole and existing lakes.
Jacobs - Assistance with a Groundwater Resource Option Study for South East Water.
Atkins - Hydrogeology of the Denge and Hythe Ranges gravel aquifers for Veolia / Folkestone & Dover Water.
South East Water - Pembury Ashdown Beds Borehole Study.


Private Client - Spring investigation.
Private Client - Pond inspection and report re SSSI.
Private Client - Borehole prognosis report.
Lewes Town Council - Pells Lake Investigation into low water levels.
Water Resource Associates - Digitisation of Eastbourne long term temperature record.
Ham Manor Golf Club - Pond advice and hydrogeology.
South East Water - Borehole Drilling Framework Specification and Schedule.


Water Resource Associates - Pembury Springs Investigation.
Private Client - Borehole advice.
South East Water - Chalk Block data - assembling data and history.


Private Client - Borehole advice.
Private Client - Expert Witness Report re stream condition and flooding.
Dynamco Ltd - Cathodic Protection Study Phase 2.
Wandsworth Council - Borehole inspection and review at Battersea Park, London.
Dynamco Ltd - Hydrogeological advice re drilling replacement Ashdown Beds borehole at Pembury for South East Water.
Water Resource Associates - Hydrogeological assistance re Holywell/Cockhaise Spring.
Ladkern Construction - Borehole prognosis report.
Private Client - High Court attendance as Witness of Fact.


Various private clients - Borehole and hydrogeological advice.
Dynamco Ltd - Cockhaise Brook weir and fish pass design.
South East Water - Trunk Main Condition Survey.
South East Water - Cathodic Protection Review Phase 2.
South East Water - Design Review assistance re Bewl-Darwell transfer promotion.




  • Hartlake Well - Short pumping test with analysis of gravel aquifer following well remediation.
  • Foredown Shaft - CCTV inspection and report on Chalk shaft condition.
  • Poverty Bottom - Chalk adit inspection.
  • Cockhaise intake - Report on amendments required for surface abstraction licensed conditions.
  • Forest Row - Report on ground water monitoring in Ashdown Beds.
  • Groombridge - Test pumping and analysis of Ashdown Beds boreholes over a three month period re licence conditions.
  • Turzes Farm - Supervision and geological monitoring of a replacement Ashdown Beds borehole.
  • Holywell - General consultancy advice re proposals for cliff protection.
  • Cowbeech - Condition assessment of two Ashdown Beds boreholes.
  • Boxalls Lane - Assistance in relation to inspection and securing works of several historical pipe tunnels and numerous redundant boreholes prior to sale of land for housing development.
  • Wallers Haven - Assistance with an overview of the Wallers Haven catchment in association with Water Resource Associates.
  • Cathodic Protection - A review of all South East Water's trunk mains where cathodic protection was employed.
  • Fish Pass installation - Design of pass and obtaining consents re fish passes on the Cuckmere River and the Cockhaise Brook in conjunction with the Environment Agency.


  • Expert Witness - Preparation of Expert Witness report in relation to a private spring source.
  • West Dean BH 2 - CCTV inspection and report on borehole condition.
  • Hayesden - Study and investigation with regard to securing works on redundant Ashdown Beds well and adit system prior to possible land sale.
  • Assistance at several public road shows for the promotion of the Bewl-Darwell Regional Water Transfer Scheme (South East Water / Southern Water)


  • Consultant Hydrogeologist 1998-2000.
  • Holywell adit - Planning, arranging and inspection of the Holywell Chalk adit.
  • Wellcome Shaft - Planning and arranging the sealing of a redundant pipe shaft to reduce pollution risk into the Chalk.


  • Holywell - Hydrogeological and land considerations for the possible re-siting of the pumping facility away from areas of Chalk cliff erosion.


  • Drainage investigation and arranging consents and permissions for the installation of a small domestic foul drainage facility.
  • Hydrogeological reports in connection with a small quarry extension; preliminary proposals for a small bottling plant from a spring source; assessment of proposals for an agricultural water supply; feasibility study for the private water supply to a block of London flats; feasibility study for the relocation of a farm borehole supply and a report to support a licence application for a small spring abstraction in a Weald Clay sandstone for a commercial bottling plant.
  • Review of the existing private water supply and treatment practice to an estate supply to 120 properties.
  • Arrangements for the drilling and installation of a private well supply to serve a property without piped water.
  • Advice in conjunction with Sussex Enterprise under the SEEDA Rural Business Recovery Fund re the continued use of an untreated domestic supply from a private well.
  • Jenny Exley Associates - Geological advice re two landscaping sites.



WITH DYNAMCO LTD  1990 - 1998

Senior Engineer & Hydrogeologist responsible for the Resources Team and all hydrogeological investigations and ground water studies.

This included a pollution study of South East Water's Waterworks Road groundwater source and a pollution risk study for Mid Southern Water regarding their new river intake on the Thames.  Other items included chalk adit inspections following an oil pollution incident and the engineering assessment of the condition of pipe tunnels at Pembury Treatment Works (South East Water) and Boxalls Lane, Aldershot (Mid Southern Water).  Numerous well rehabilitation and cleaning operations were also planned and carried out together with the supervision of the drilling and test pumping of new production wells.

Liaison with the Environment Agency (previously the National Rivers Authority) with regard to licences, discharge consents and site operations.

Senior Engineer responsible for the Resources and Hydraulic Analysis teams with the assistance of two team leaders:

Resources Team - Covered all hydrogeological investigations including test pumping and analysis. Liaison with the National Rivers Authority and Licence Applications for the SAUR Group Water Supply Companies.

Hydraulic Analysis Team - Covered hydraulic analysis of water supply networks incorporating the use of computer software packages (WESNET and WATNET) for network modelling.

Co-ordination of a team of engineers carrying out appraisals for the Asset Management and Strategic Business Plans.

Project Manager responsible for various hydrogeological investigations:


  • West Kent Groundwater Investigation - Trial and observation boreholes in the Hastings Beds at Matfield, Eridge and Saint's Hill in East Sussex and Kent.  Investigation consisted of four trial and two observation boreholes yielding a total of 5Ml/d from the Ashdown Strata.  Long term pumping tests followed initial drilling and short test periods.
  • West Kent Greensand additional borehole source - Production well drilling in the Lower Greensand at Kemsing. 
  • West Kent Gravel Investigations - Production well drilling in River Gravels at Hartlake and hydrogeological investigation of the Rivers Gravels at Tonbridge.
  • Eastbourne Water Hastings Beds Investigation - Production well drilling and long term test pumping at Stonegate.  Yielding 3.5Ml/d from the Ashdown Strata.
  • Trial well drilling and long term test pumping for two Ashdown Strata boreholes at Powdermill. 
  • Eastbourne Water Chalk Block Investigation - Hydrogeological investigation at Limekiln Bottom, Nr Eastbourne to consider use of Chalk boreholes to capture spring flow loss from foreshore adjacent the borehole site.

Engineer's Representative (with delegated powers) for all borehole drilling and test pumping contracts.  Responsible for contract preparation, administration and supervision of contract work.

Responsible for data collection and liaison with the National Rivers Authority (NRA) during all test pumping activities.

Responsible for licence applications to NRA following hydrogeological investigations on behalf of the operating companies.

Preparation of a Mains Renewal and Renovation Strategy for the water companies within the Group (Eastbourne, Mid-Sussex, West Kent and Mid-Southern Water Companies).  This involved a literature survey, consideration of the newer techniques including pipe slip-lining and pipe bursting and recommendations for the implementation of the strategy.

Distribution modelling of the water supply network for Eastbourne, Mid-Sussex and West Kent Water Companies, in connection with a resource allocation model, using WATNET and GINAS software.




1984 - 1990   

Resident Engineer on the following projects, most of which developed the sites and the additional water found in previous hydrogeological studies.  Responsible for site supervision, measurement and certification.  Mainly design and construct contractors were employed and the Conditions of Contract covered ICE 5th Edition, IMechE (A and G form) and IChemE (Red Book).


  • Wallers Haven Scheme Augmentation Borehole Sites.
  • Wallers Haven Scheme - Extension at Hazards Green Treatment Works and Hazards Green river intake, pumping station and raw water main (9 to 18Ml/d).
  • Arlington Impounding Reservoir - Arlington Reservoir bank stabilisation.
  • Millgap Service Reservoir - Remedial work and re-roofing to service reservoir.   
  • River Rother Scheme - Wellsite 8 site stabilisation.   

1977 - 1983

Hydrogeological Studies

Eastbourne and Seaford Chalk Block Studies - in conjunction with the Resource Planning Department of the Southern Water Authority (SWA) an investigation was carried out on the two Chalk blocks to the west of Eastbourne to determine their yield and the effect of saline intrusion.

Hastings Beds Investigation - in 1977 Eastbourne Water embarked on an investigation into the ground water resources of the Hastings Beds. Project Engineer responsible for: (a) initial geological and hydrogeological assessment; (b) preparation of the Specification and Bills of Quantity for 26 observation/trial/production boreholes; (c) site supervision of the drilling contracts, including geological assessment and test pumping analysis; (d) participation on the various working groups set up by SWA under whose auspices the work was carried out; (e) liaison with the Company's Scientific Services in the operation of various treatment trials on the iron rich ground water and (f) consideration of permanent borehole design for the successful trial sites.

1971 - 1976

Design and hydraulic distribution analysis.  Project Engineer for various contracts, part of which provided training towards the professional interview for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

1968 - 1971

Full time at Brighton Polytechnic (now University of Brighton) studying for a BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering degree returning to Eastbourne Water during the vacations.

1965 - 1968

Engineering Assistant - Site surveys and water engineering work including planning, routing and site supervision of water mains contracts.


Training 'under Agreement' for the ICE Application under Chief Engineer, Mr W E Walley BSc CEng MICE. 




1961 - 1965   

With Civil Service (Meteorological Office), Scientific Assistant at London (Gatwick) and London (Heathrow) Airport.  Duties included receiving and plotting meteorological data and making observations of weather conditions.


Attended meteorological training course at Met Office training facility Stanmore November 1962 - February 1963.